Personal Injury

When the pain is dull, starts slowly, then gradually increases in intensity, or comes and goes in sharp, quick pains, we know it can interrupt your activities. If it happens often enough, it starts to interfere with your quality of life. That’s why we treat all types of personal injuries here at our clinic.

Typical Personal Injury Manifestations

Personal injuries happen because of various causes. It might be obvious, such as in the case of a car accident, or maybe you suffered a slip and fall. However, personal injuries can also happen over time. For example, people who sit one way for hours every day may start to experience back or neck pain due to bad ergonomics at the office.

In other workplace settings, a person might lift a heavy object, causing muscle strain and inflammation. We also see cases where an untreated personal injury from a long time ago is exasperated and worsens due to simply picking up something the wrong way off the floor or lifting a child into the air.

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Personal Injury Pain Symptoms

People have different pain level thresholds and may not fully understand the extent of their injuries. Here are some symptoms that often indicate a patient is experiencing an unresolved injury:

  • The inability to move in ways you previously could without pain
  • Pain that comes and goes in any part of the body
  • Pain that shoots down the sides of your legs or back
  • Brain fog or new trouble seeing
  • New or worsening headaches
  • New or worsening migraines

During your first consultation, our chiropractors thoroughly evaluate all of your symptoms, the length of time you’ve been experiencing them and assess your medical history and overall health.

Next, our doctors will provide several screenings to indicate where your back, neck, hips, wrists, or knees are out of alignment. Once complete, a personalized treatment plan is created to help relieve your pain.

Why You Need to Be Seen Immediately

Once you’ve become aware of your personal injury, it’s best to be seen immediately or see you as soon as possible. Without being seen right away, the inflammation and swelling will begin to increase progressively.

Left unresolved, this leads to stiffness and muscles overcompensating for the injured areas. The overcompensation will then cause more pain and symptoms in other areas of the body.

Seeing our chiropractors for spinal adjustments and other non-invasive treatments right away can help promote your body’s natural healing process, helping you get back on your feet.


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We know that, based on the type of pain you have, we have a chiropractic care solution that will work for your situation. At Heuser Chiropractic Health and Auto Accident Recovery Center in Colorado Springs, CO, we are intimately familiar with body pain and how to solve it naturally. Regardless of whatever personal injury you’ve experienced, our professional staff is ready to help you every step of the way on your wellness journey. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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